Snow is falling today in my birth city of Edmonton Alberta and today is Thanksgiving Sunday.  My Mom has invited my two sisters, nephews and their partners for a traditional thanksgiving supper. I'm living on the Sunshine Coast with my partner in BC, we have no snow and none in our foreseeable future, (a good thing). I have one other sister who lives with her husband in California so she and I are the only ones not there in the flesh but in spirit we are there too. 

 Our family has a lots to be grateful for this thanksgiving. Our Mom had a major surgery for cancer this past summer, she is 86 years young and super independent. We lost our father to cancer over twenty years ago. 

Her surgery was successful, took two months to recover enough to be able to go home again, at times we weren't sure if she be going to be able to live in her home again.  She been home for a couple of weeks now and she has prepared a beautiful feast for the family for this very extra special snowy day, a day to be grateful and give thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives. 

We're celebrating with them from a far!